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Vehicle Announcer

The VA "Vehicle Announcer" is a plug in module that communicates with your Home Automation system, notifying the system that the vehicle is leaving or arriving. This is done by using X10 RF ON and OFF signals. When the vehicle is leaving the unit transmits a X10 RF ON signal, when the vehicle is arriving it transmits a X10 RF OFF signal.

The house and unit number are programmable as well as other user defined settings.


The VA is designed to plug into the Auxiliary Power (Cigarette Lighter socket) connecter available in virtually all cars and also has a spare socket for other plug-in items such as mobile phone chargers.

Sample Usage
When the car is started in the driveway, the HA system logs that the car has been started, then turns ON the driveway lights and relevant external house lights and announces that "Neil's car is leaving" via the in house audio system. When the car returns and approaches the house  the HA system logs that the car is returning, then turns ON the driveway lights and relevant external house lights and announces that "Neil's car is arriving" via the in house audio system.


  • RF Transmission LED - This led flashes twice for each RF ON message and once per RF OFF message.

  • RF Pause / Resume Pushbutton - Allows the user to pause the transmission of RF messages. Auto pausing after transmission of the ON messages may be set via a dip switch.

  • 64 Possible House & Unit numbers - Allows each family member to have their own unique identification.

  • RF Range is approximately 50..100m. This is variable and depends on the surroundings, buildings etc.

Operators Manual



The Vehicle Announcer will be available in versions to suit the current X10 frequencies.

Model VA-433

To suit the Australian and European X10 Frequencies $85.00 AU Ex GST & Freight.

Model VA-315

To suit the North American X10 Frequencies $(NOT currently available) AU Ex GST & Freight.


Notes :

1) The VA has a short (160mm) flexible aerial that protrudes from the base of the unit. This should not physically interfere with any other equipment.

2) Some vehicles have a very shallow Auxiliary Power socket and may require an extension lead. So far this has only been evident on the Holden Astra.



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