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Solderless Modules

These are a range of modules designed to help people assemble control panels and other wiring with out requiring usage of a soldering iron.

Point turnout module
This module is designed to be placed on a control panel and used to select the train direction of a point or turn out. In a typical installation, one of the out side leds is cut off and the centre led indicates the straight through track and the other the alternate track. The right hand side is the incoming track power and the left side is the power to the point motor and to the frog power. Connection of the wires is achieved by using a punch down tool as used for standard telephone connections.


Turtle Interface
The turtle interface is another module designed to aid in the assembly of a solderless wiring. It also uses punch down connections. When connected to the above switch module, the power to drive the turtle comes in on the red and black wires and the power for the frog is delivered to the internal switch contacts in the Turtle. In the below picture the blue wire is the out coming feed to the frog connection.


Punch Down Tool
A common manufacture of these tools is a company called Krone. These style of terminations are used world wide.


This versatile little tool will strip wire up to 5-6mm, and doubles as a punch-down tool for 110/88-type terminals, with blade. Made from poly-resin plastic, with steel cutters this lightweight tool could easily fit in the pocket, or tool-kit.


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